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  • Up on the Mountain Top is basically a remix of All My Love, just with another name.
  • The House of Wax was Chad Michael Murray's next movie after "A Cinderella Story."
  • Originally, All My Love was to have the "Mount. Everest" theme and Up on the Mountain Top was to be the "House of Wax" theme, but was changed because the themes fit the songs better.
  • The font for the House of Wax movie poster was used in the main picture.
  • All My Love was used for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 soundtrack.
  • Major Lazer is not featured in the Up on the Mountain Top song.
  • If a dancer had to be chosen for the Up on the Mountain Top screenplay, it would probably be Luca wearing an identical outfit to the Everyday screenplay.

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